Between. (A Poetic Rant)

Silence doesn’t mean yes.
Beyond that it wasn’t just silence
When my body went limp
It was more than silence
When I flinched each time you tried to come closer
It wasn’t nothing
When I closed my eyes and lied there still.
Even if it was just silence
It wouldn’t have meant yes
But besides my silence
My body was screaming no
My mind ran far away
from what it had no other means of escape
Because your silence said something too
Your silence said you didn’t care to ask
For you didn’t care to know
What I would’ve said or wanted
For my body already told you that
Which you chose to ignore
And if you invited my words to let you know, you would have no plausible deniability.
Your silence was smart and contrived.
My silence was a involuntary and uncontrollable.
Your silence was a weapon
And mine was a defense.

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