Reporting My Rape

On March 6, 2011 at 16 years old one of my best friends, Avery Peterson, raped me.

On November 5, 2016 I reported it to law enforcement after having a realization that others may be victimized by my rapist. It was an extremely difficult decision to make, and I read various internet articles to help me come to my decision. Along the way I documented my emotional experience during each step and in between of the process. Now I’m sharing them here to contribute to the resources for anyone thinking to report.

Part 1: Calling the Rape Crisis Hotline

Part 2: Calling the Police

Part 3: Morning Before My 1st Statement

Part 4: After My 1st Statement

Part 5: Waiting to Hear What’s Next

Part 6: Day Before My Formal Statement

Part 7: On the Train, On Way to Give Formal Statement

Part 8: Waiting to Hear What’s Next

Part 9: Two Days Before “E” Gives Her Statement

Part 10: After E’s Statement, Waiting

Part 11: Right Before Detective Calls Him

Part 12: After the Detective Contacts Him

Part 13: Waiting to See if He’ll Make a Statement

Part 14: More Waiting

Part 15: Excerpt. More Waiting.

Part 16: Waiting

Part 17: He Decides Not To Give A Statement, Prosecutors Get The Case

Part 18: Two Days Before My Meeting with Prosecutors

Part 19: One Day Before Meeting with Prosecutors

Part 20A: The Text Update to Friends After Meeting with Prosecutors

Part 20B: Case Closed


TL;DR: I’m glad I did report. It was one of the most agonizing experiences of my life.

Two Years Later, the Police Return My Notebook