November 30, 2016, 3:47 pm — The Text Update to Friends After Meeting with Prosecutors

Everyone was very respectful and supportive and it is just a matter of the law. In NJ not only is it not applicable because I didn’t say no but in NJ no doesn’t always mean no. Literally. There’s a statute saying it needs to be clearly and effectively communicated. So I know the issue is the law. I know these people sympathize and wish they could do more but legally they can’t. That sucks. They said it was the right thing for me to come forward and I know that is true. I am very glad I did. I am glad I am not waiting for anything to happen anymore and I’m gonna post whatever the fuck I want now. That is nice. It is really the worst. I believe [rapist’s name] is a fucking danger and unstable and I hate that he will know that he got away with it and is safe to keep doing it. It sucks. It sucks. I feel devastated and small and sad. But I’m still glad I did it.

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