November 22, 2016 — Right Before Detective Calls Him

Today’s the day I’ve been so long afraid of

Today’s the day I thought would never come

Today’s the day you learn I’m smarter than you thought

Today’s the day our friendship is really done.

Today’s a day for another new experience.

Today marks another can’t take back.

Today’s 11/22 and I won’t soon forget it.

Today I’m forced to keep myself on track.

Today I don’t find myself quite sad.

Today I don’t feel much of anything at all

Today so far I’m not afraid like I thought I would be

Today I guess is nothing but a free fall.

Today is just a Tuesday for you right now

Today you’re probably sitting in class

Today you’ll get a phone call and you’ll wonder who it is

Today you’ll see you didn’t get a pass.

Today you might feel angry, so angry you could kill

Today you might feel scared out of your mind

Today you might feel sad  and it may finally hit you

Today you might decide to take your life.

Today you could feel nothing like you always seem to do

Today you could finally face what you did

Today you could ignore it and pretend that you don’t know

Or you could make excuses like you were just a kid.

Today you’ll see I’m fighting and I don’t think you’ll let me win

I’ve been fighting for my life since you ripped through

Today all the anticipation has come to a sharp end

Today I guess that I’m prepared for whatever you will do.

Today you won’t be sorry because you don’t know how

Today I won’t believe you because I know I shouldn’t

Today I hope you think you can talk your way right out.

Today I hope they show you how much you simply couldn’t.

Today they’ll make the call and ask if you’ll come in

They might just leave the message at the beep

Today is really something that I truly can’t describe

What you had sown back then today you reap.

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